Mother asks missing NH teen to 'come home'
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The mother of a missing North Conway, N.H., girl made an emotional plea for her return Saturday, four days after the girl vanished after leaving school.

Abigail Hernandez was last seen leaving Kennett High School around 2:30 Wednesday. Police say she made it home but when her mother returned home later, the girl was gone.

"Abby," Zenya Hernandez said, her voice breaking, "I want to say please come home. We miss you so badly. We want you back with us."

Local, state and federal agents continued to search for Abigail by land, water and air. Police have meticulously combed four square miles on land, scoured parts of the Saco River and paddled over Pudding Pond. The medical examiner was called twice to the scene on Saturday but neither time was related to Abigail's disappearance: One was for a hiker who died Saturday and another was after the discovery of human bone fragments from several years ago, police said.

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